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Stable & Clean Power – Worldwide

Although local utility power supply companies will never openly admit it, surges, sags, brownouts and other power irregularities are all too common occurrences of just about every power supply grid on the planet.


Inevitably, problems of voltage fluctuation are most acute in less developed countries where the end user may be located far from a supply authority already overstretched in meeting power demands.


So VSI see their products on duty in all continents, facing some of the most rigorous and challenging power environments. 

Typical applications include –


Every commercial building requires an electrical supply that is maintained within certain voltage limits, being free from transients spikes and electrical noise. To safeguard the electrical infrastructure and protect critical operations and data a Voltage Stabiliser ensures the availability of a clean and regulated power source. In addition by ensuring that the voltage is optimised at a reduced or regulated output voltage substantial savings in power consumption and improvements in equipment operating life expectancy can be achieved.


With the advent of automation and computerization, the power requirements of today’s industrial premises have become considerably more demanding than in the past. The use of variable frequency drives, electric motors etc, all contribute to create a harsh electrical environment. Often the operation of high powered electrical equipment will interfere with vulnerable electronic controls and processes. By installing a Voltage Stabiliser industrial premises and their processes and applications can be protected against the vagaries of the power environment. In addition, by optimising the output voltage, a Voltage Stabiliser will extend the working life of the supported expensive electronic systems, production line motors, HVAC systems and high efficiency lighting.


Sags, surges, spikes and other power related abnormalities are a major hidden causes of costly computer data errors and equipment damage. Even a brief voltage drop below design limits will upset logic circuits bringing chaos to stored data and calculations. Utilisation of a Voltage Stabiliser will ensure protection against these all too common occurrences.


For telecommunication networks it is imperative that the integrity of data signals is maintained at all times. With many landline telephone networks, cell phone towers and broadcasting radio and TV transmitters being found in remote locations, failure to maintain a clean and regulated voltage supply can easily compromise network reliability and data integrity.


Many processes and production lines slow down and even stop as a result of power problems. With just a simple voltage drop, welding equipment produces faulty welds, ovens and furnaces take far longer to heat up, electroplating processes lose their efficiency and today’s microprocessor controlled machine tools develop faults. By offering protection against these power irregularities a Voltage Stabiliser will ensure manufacturing processes are able to operate at optimal efficiency.


Keeping the wheels of central and local government turning is a major undertaking and relies upon the latest in IT and Telecommunication systems. With such systems being susceptible to the vagaries of the utility mains supply, Voltage Stabilisers are often deployed as a first line defence to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of critical government systems and processes.


Keeping schools and other educational establishments safe and running efficiently is a critical requirement of today’s modern society. With computers and other electronic devices now being common place in the classroom environment, a Voltage Stabiliser will offer protection against the damaging effects of sags, surges, spikes and brownouts – all too common occurrences in the utility mains supply that feeds these educational facilities.


Today’s military facilities have first world power demands, no matter where in the world they are located. If the level of power required can not be guaranteed by local utilities, often such establishments have to rely on diesel generators / off-grid generation solutions. By using a Voltage Stabiliser facilities are able to compensate for variations in the incoming utility voltage and as a result greatly reduce reliance on expensive off-grid generation resources.


Power fluctuations can destroy mission critical equipment, disrupt sensitive patient procedures and affect the performance and reliability of medical imaging and treatment systems, as well as causing havoc with internal IT networks. The need for regulated and clean power is absolutely essential and a Voltage Stabiliser can greatly assist in ensuring the availability of a truly resilient power source.


To deliver precise analysis Research and Test Laboratories require an environment to operate in where variables are controllable and data integrity is guaranteed. To ensure these requirements are met Voltage Stabilisers are installed to ensure that the electrical power feeding laboratory instruments and controls is regulated, stable and transient free.


Ensuring that security and surveillance equipment is running properly requires a quality and resilient power source. A Voltage Stabiliser will greatly assist in this endeavour, ensuring the availability of a quality power source, free from sags, surges, spikes and brownouts.


In recent years the demand of exotic holidays has grown significantly with resort developers increasingly seeking to build in more far flung remote locations. Often the quality of the available local utility mains supply is inadequate to support the needs of such developments resulting in prolonged and frequent brown-outs occurring. To accommodate such situations the utilisation of a voltage stabiliser should enable the resort to be able to compensate for these voltage fluctuations and negate the need to run so often on expensive fuel burning, noisy and smelly diesel generators – not the ideal experience for a pleasurable vacation!


Delivering a robust and quality energy supply necessitates the need for the latest in monitoring and control systems.  Voltage Stabilisers are often deployed as a first line defence to protect the monitoring and control systems against the vagaries of the power supply, whether locally or mains derived, that feds them.


To sustain treatment processes and operations water and sewage treatment works require a constant and stable utility mains voltage. Failure to maintain an acceptable voltage can result in a reduction or loss of the public water supply or even possibly contamination that puts public health at risk.