About Us – Voltage Stabilisers International

Voltage Stabilisers International (VSI) is a UK registered dedicated power engineering company that specialises in demand-side voltage stabilisation – a growing market as the power requirements of today’s digital world becomes increasingly more demanding and national grid supplies throughout the world struggle to deliver the power reliability and quality required.

Stable and Clean Power – Worldwide

VSI’s mission is to deliver affordable ‘quality’ demand-side voltage regulation solutions for taming and controlling sub-optimal utility mains supplies that feed critical applications and processes.


Whether you are a consulting engineer or the owner / manager of  a factory, office, medical institution, retail outlet, educational establishment, transportation hub, computer and telecoms centre, power plant or refinery, VSI feature rich voltage stabilisers can be uniquely tailored to meet your, or your client’s, exacting site power requirements.

Designed and Built for Today’s Modern Power Environments and Users

Utilising the latest in digital design technology, VSI’s voltage regulation solutions ensure the delivery of a stable and clean supply to critical applications and processes.


They are designed to extend load equipment life and prevent critical failures, no matter where a client’s facility is located on a utility supply line. As a result businesses are able to locate their operations wherever they want, even in regions of the world where the vagaries of the national grid supply are even more highly pronounced. By being insured of an optimal voltage supply enterprises are able to reduce energy costs and thereby reduce their operation’s overall carbon footprint.

With an emphasis always on building and maintaining strategic and long-lasting relationships with customers, VSi’s clients are drawn from a wide selection of industries and market sectors spread throughout the world.